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During the first quarter of 2015 magazines reached 32 222 000 gross readers in Sweden. This means that the average Swede reads 4.3 magazines, according to TNS Sifo’s national readership survey Orvesto 2015:1. During 2014 the 355 magazines with an audited circulation produced 19.5 million copies per edition, with a total of 271 million audited copies over the full year. Ten years earlier, in 2004, the industry sold 22.7 million audited copies per edition; 425 titles were then audited. Consequently the average audited magazine circulation per edition has actually increased during this period.

The media research institute Nordicom has studied media usage in Sweden since the late 1970s, and according to Nordicom, 58 per cent of the Swedish population (ages 9-79 years) read at least one magazine in an average week 2014. Futhermore, the institute’s studies shows that the average Swede spends 12 minutes reading printed and digital magazines per day, whereas the average reader spends considerably more – 35 minutes a day on consumer magazines, and 29 minutes on trade journals and business-to-business magazines. The amount of time the reader spends with their magazines is stable, with a slight tendence to increase. A few years ago, 2009, the consumer magazine reader spent 35 minutes a day with their magazine, and the business-to-business reader spent one minute more with their magazines today than they did back in 2009. Another study TNS Sifo study of 2013 showed that the time spent on magazines have increased to 42 minutes; up 2 minutes since 2006.

The Swedish magazine market has an annual turnover of an estimated 5,8 billion SEK, where more than 70 per cent of the earnings derive from sold copies and 30 per cent derive from advertising investments. During 2014 a total of 67 billion SEK were spent on marketing activites in Sweden (incl. production costs), and of that 31.9 billion SEK were investmented in media. The magazine market’s share of the media investments was about 4.7 per cent, according to the IRM Institute for Advertising & Media Statistics.


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